I first started studying sexuality and society during my undergraduate studies in the Sociology department of UC Santa Barbara. I focused my research on the queer student’s process of coming out on campus. More specifically, I researched how the campus environment affected this deeply personal journey. I became fascinated with how society and the individual shape each other. After graduating Magna Cum Laude, I spent the next few years bartending and tutoring, which are both secretly forms of relationship coaching.

When I found myself yearning for deeper rewards in my work, I turned to my early fascination with sexuality, gender, and society. First, I trained as a sex educator with San Francisco Sex Information before deciding to pursue a Masters in sexuality. Naturally, I ran off to Amsterdam; after a cold year on a bicycle, I earned my Masters in Sociology with an emphasis in sexuality and gender. My graduate research explored the emotional components of the modern indoor sex work relationship by interviewing both sex workers and their clients. I found that, perhaps surprisingly, authentic emotional connections were not only purposefully developed but also important, healthy, and cherished.



Finally, I trained with Celeste and Danielle at the Somatica Institute. This training offered me the tools and knowledge missing in my previous education; I learned how to reduce and survive shame, empower sexualities, and unpack emotional wounds. 

In light of my education, life experiences, and intensive training, I approach my coaching work with a keen eye towards the relationships between identity, emotion, and society. I also bring to my clients critical awareness of culture's effects on our private relationships, including the uniquely Western and modern challenges we face in finding satisfying intimacy. 

However, sex and intimacy are not only intellectual; your body is fundamental to both. From my sex education training, I offer practical facts and tips for everything leading up to and occurring in the bedroom (or really anywhere). My practice uses logistical advice, cultural awareness, and personal empowerment to help you improve your sex life and emotional connections.