You have what it takes to drive your lover wild; we just have to access it. 

Men are valued in our society if they can get sex whenever, however, as often as possible. Unfortunately, this does not create satisfying sex or emotional intimacy for anyone involved. So the modern male lover is left with an awful choice: either he is recognizably male or he is a good lover. I reject this binary. It is completely possible for you to be a man in your own right and satisfy your lover's wants and needs. You can satisfy yourself and others, without losing yourself.  

For most modern men it is not socially acceptable to be both a sexual and emotional being. The pressure to be steadfast, infallible, a manly man can be suffocating; ultimately this drive keeps you from being your honest self. Together, we can explore both your erotic and emotional self and help them get to know each other. Your deepest satisfaction, and likely your partner's(s') too, will occur when these parts of your self are shared. 

Furthermore, I must argue against the pervasive myth that a man's worth is tied to his sexual performance, specifically the idea that there isa  single best way for him to be sexy. I want to help you see that sexual diversity is a gift to you. What you desire is likely someone else's desire as well; I can help you have the skills and confidence to ask for your wants. I can help you find new and satisfying experiences in your relationships. What else would you like to explore? What is something different you've always been curious about, but never sure how to ask?



  • Erectile dysfunction / impulse control
  • Lack of sensuality
  • Inadequate and/or unsuccessful flirting
  • Performance anxiety
  • Working past your emotional walls



  • Body relaxation and awareness
  • Satisfying sex for you and your partner
  • Increased emotional intelligence and vulnerability
  • Acceptance of unique desires
  • Opening relationships, entering nonmonogamy
  • Exploration of kink, bdsm, etc.