We women are alive in a very unique moment. What could this mean for your love life?

The modern woman’s path towards a fulfilling and  enjoyably sexuality is hard to navigate. Between daily messages of what is sexy and what is not, in the face of public slut shaming, after constantly being told how to be the perfect girlfriend, few women can embrace their unique beauty as emotional and sexual beings. Under the weight of all we are told we "should" be, it is easy to forget ourselves.  

Today, we women have unprecedented freedom, safety, and autonomy as sexual beings, and I fully believe that embracing these truths is a deeply feminist act. Every woman, no matter her age, size, or orientation, has inherent rights to embrace her desire, hunt out her sexual satisfaction, and have her emotional met and celebrated. 

For many women, a lasting relationship is a top priority, yet we are not taught effectively how to develop or maintain one (or more!). In fact, the "prince charming meets damsel in distress" love story many of us were raised on will likely never happy (looking at you, Disney), and I'm glad that's the case! I, like many women, embraced a certain version of how my romantic life would play out, and punished my lovers when they didn't match my fantasies. But enough generations have tried this without success, and we can now say that it won't give us what we are wanting. I can help you develop a relationship that is authentic, in which your needs are met and your real self is accepted and loved. 



  • Aversion to sex
  • Unsatisfying sex
  • Rocky relationships
  • Body shame
  • Not feeling entitled to your NO
  • Not feeling entitled to your YES



  • Owning your eroticism and desire
  • Maintaining boundaries
  • Clearly and proudly asking for what you want
  • Opening relationships
  • Entering nonmonogamy
  • Exploration of kink, bdsm, etc
  • Being the seducer